Spiritual Life Coaching

As a spiritual coach Eileen works with individuals who struggle to find passion, purpose, satisfaction, or success in life. Most people struggle with being heard, being seen, appreciated, valued, and supported. Many individuals feel lost, confused, and unsure of where their life is going. If you find yourself lost, confused or unclear about what the next step is in life then set up a quick clarity call to get you started on the right path to discovery.

Eileen is also a proud member of the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA), where she is certified as a Spiritual Life Coach.

I empower you to live in your authenticity by embracing all aspects of your being. I encourage you to see your worth and value while offering you a safe space from which to explore who you are so you can stand in your power. I provide you with the clarity and guidance you seek so you can align with your inner oracle and become one with your divine essence.

– Eileen Rouse –

What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A life coach helps you set goals, provides you with action plans on how to achieve those goals, and assists you on working and healing any blockages or barriers you might be facing. As a spiritual coach I help you identify any sabotaging behaviors or patterns you have and provide you with new mindset tools to breakthrough those behaviors and blockages so you can see results in your own spiritual growth. I incorporate many spiritual self-help practices in my coaching such as meditation, affirmations, journaling, and I align you to your intuition for clarity and guidance. Spiritual life coaching is a self-discovery process where you openly reflect and explore the depths of your deepest passions, desires and dreams. I hold space for you and reflect back to you your truest potential, while encouraging and nurturing you along the process. I listen to ‘what is’ and ‘what is’ not being said and I make you consciously aware of your common patterns and behaviors that prevent you from showing up in your life, and prevent you from moving forward.

Coaching techniques used

Eileen is a certified intuitive coach who specializes in a unique process called In-Vizion® that creates a transformative dialogue using the language of symbols and metaphors connected to you and your subconscious mind. This allows you to tap into your inner thoughts, fears and sometimes trauma that leads to your experiences in the outer world. In-Vizion® is used to transform your way of thinking by connecting to your own intuition and listening to your inner oracle. In essence you bypass the old story you’ve been telling yourself and together we create a new one that helps you move passed sabotaging behaviors.

Eileen also uses the guidance and wisdom of the angelic realm when working with clients as it provides them with clarity about any blockages they have that need to be removed. This specific type of intuitive angelic coaching is designed to connect you to your spiritual source for clearing and healing so you can shift your energy and frequency to assist you in aligning to your true essence and divinity.

Intuitive Coaching

This is a single coaching session designed to connect you to inner guidance system and intuition. It aligns you to your guides, and angels to provide you with a solid connection so you can learn to trust your intuition.

Spiritual Coaching Packages

Are you wanting to catapult your spiritual transformation or life to the next level? I offer you packages where you decide how many coaching sessions you need to get you to where you want to be.