Helping You Discover your Divine Essence

I am psychic and intuitive and will honestly tell you that I have not always been so quick to come out and call myself a psychic. I grew up in a home being told that the word ‘psychic’ was evil and very frowned upon. I was conditioned to fear my gifts and because of those beliefs I often tried to hide my gifts from the world. In my earlier years I never embraced who I was and it led me down a path of self-denial, self-sabotage, and a lack of self-worth . It wasn’t until I began my spiritual journey towards enlightenment that I slowly learned how to embrace my psychic and intuitive abilities.

For as long as I can remember I knew of the angelic realm and met Archangel Michael in a dream at the age of fifteen. After communicating with him I began to understand that my gifts were special and would increase every time I tried to suppress them. No matter how many times I tried to walk away from my gifts Archangel Michael would appear and encourage me to accept who I was. It wasn’t until I experienced my second traumatic experience in life that I began to explore all spiritual avenues. As my curiosity grew, so did my thirst for esoteric knowledge and wisdom. I sought out a mentor, someone that could help me embrace my gifts, and tune in to them more so I could use them daily.

At the age of twenty-three I began doing psychic readings for others and providing them with the clarity and guidance they needed. Not long after that the Ascended Masters, and Archangel Metatron appeared one day while in my kitchen cooking. Metatron’s presence was one I had never experienced before and in all fairness it frightened me. He appeared but never spoke, he just wanted me to know that he was there watching. I knew nothing of the Ascended Masters and began looking into who they were and why they were making themselves known to me. One day Archangel Michael appeared and told me that I would be going through a second awakening and that is when I would know the purpose behind why Archangel Metatron had appeared.

In 2014 my life was soaring to new heights. I was seeing clients, was a part-time reader at a metaphysical shop in my neighborhood and I was meeting more like-minded people. I was learning more than I could have possibly imagined and my psychic gifts were increasing ten fold. Then I decided I wanted to look into coaching and got certified as a life coach and tailored my niche in spiritual coaching. This was when I learned the power of our subconscious mind and how it actually communicates with us. After training and completing the certification process I began taking on coaching clients part-time.

Fast forward to the year 2019 when I was experiencing one of the roughest traumatic experiences of my life. An experience so shocking that it turned my entire world upside down. I felt as if I was experiencing a death of some sort and nothing in my life made any sense. Everything that I had loved, treasured, and valued had been stripped from me. I no longer felt joy, or fulfillment in the things I was doing. I was angry, lost, and confused on who I was and what my purpose was. Then one morning while sitting on the couch deep in thought, Archangel Metatron appeared and spoke to me for the very first time.

“Your time of rest is over my dear. It is time for you to step into your power and help the collective become who they are meant to be.”

– Archangel Metatron –

I was shocked and perplexed because I had no idea what he meant by stepping into my power. Needless to say, that day I began hearing the soft whispers of the multitude of light beings that were working with me as they guided me towards the next steps in life. I was guided towards leaving my corporate job of twenty years to start working for myself as a psychic and spiritual life coach. Archangel Metatron began giving me instructions on starting my YouTube channel, my Spiritual Talk podcast, and making sure I was going LIVE on my Facebook Page, and Instagram Page. I was being pushed to step up publicly and without question I followed the guidance I received.

This beautiful spiritual journey that I embarked upon brought me so much clarity, reassurance and guidance that it was in that moment I knew I was meant to help others find the truth within themselves. As a psychic, and spiritual life coach I use my knowledge and connection with the angelic realm to help you connect and embrace who you are. I teach you how to connect to your intuition and step into actively taking action towards following the guidance you receive. I firmly believe that we all have this ability the only difference between you and me is I stopped hiding who I was, and embraced myself completely. I can assist you on achieving the same results.

If you are feeling stuck in life. Feel lost, confused or wish you could change the circumstances in your life then lets get you scheduled for a FREE clarity call. Working with me is about empowering you to live in your authenticity by embracing all aspects of yourself so you can see your worth and value. I coach and mentor you into openly and lovingly listen to your intuition so you can embrace your power and stand confidently in your truth. I guide you during your self-discovery process to help you remove blockages, barriers, and fear- based beliefs so you can explore your inner oracle and uncover your TRUE DIVINE SELF.