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Welcome to your Divine Frequency

The essence of the spiritual journey:
To diminish the vibrational difference between the personally asserted self and the True Self, which lies timelessly at the core of who you are – shining as beaming, infinite support, nanosecond by nanosecond.

– Benthinho Massaro –

Eileen is your Frequency Alchemist who helps you align your mind, body and spirit to your true essence and divinity. She is a Spiritual Life Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner and so much more. Eileen works with Archangel Metatron and the angelic realm to raise the vibration and frequency of your mind, body and spirit so you can reach your goals, dreams and desires.

Raising the vibration and frequency of the mind helps you to become more aware of your point of attraction. By being aware you become more conscious of your personal habits, thought patterns, and limiting beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. To align the mind to what you desire you must change the way you think.

Our bodies are the vehicle by which we participate in this reality. Therefore, it is essential for us to be nurturing and caring towards the body. The body is energetic and has its own magnetic field that carries frequencies within it. By not taking care of our bodies we leave it open to feeling the vibrations of lower frequencies such as sickness and stress. Our thoughts and emotions play a big part in the level of vibration our body carries. By raising the vibration and frequency of the body we can attune it to the frequency of balance, self-healing, love, and care.

Our spirit helps us connect to something greater than ourselves. This connection helps us feel peaceful, harmonious and grounded. The purpose behind raising your vibration is to align you to your true essence, the essence of your divinity and who you are.

“Climbing the mountain of self is like stepping into the unknown. You walk along a dark path, slowly discovering every aspect of yourself while uncovering and understanding the depths of yourself only to remember that this is who you always were.”

Eileen Rouse, Spiritual Coach


Coaching can catapult your transformation and growth by aligning your thoughts, beliefs and mindset to a frequency of infinite potentials and possibilities.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing elevates the energies of the body to align you to restoration, recovery, rest, relaxation, which promotes balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Channeled Reading

Opens up a doorway to discovery of your true essence and divinity by connecting you to your spirit team to provide you with clarity.

“I am a sacred servant who loves gathering immediate and important information and communicating that in a practical and understandable way in order to be a team player to the cosmos.” 

Eileen Rouse

Spiritual Growth Content

Eileen works with the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, and Goddesses as both a trance channeler, and psychic intuitive to deliver messages for your growth and ascension. She is a proud member of the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA); where she is specializes in Spiritual Life Coaching, and Sound Healing.  

She has a growing YouTube channel, TikTok account and various other social media platforms where she shares insight, guidance and wisdom from the angels and spirit to help you embark on your spiritual journey towards self-discovery. She also offers a paid monthly subscription services via her Patreon account where she offers monthly zodiac reads, LIVESTREAM channeled messages, and sound healing baths.

Eileen was recently featured and interviewed by Jim Masters on Close Up Radio Show where she discussed her purpose, mission and reason for providing her services to the collective.

Close Up Radio Interview

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